Hey, welcome to my official page. I'm a singer-songwriter from Winnipeg with a passion for the modern vintage sound. I enjoy performing jazz and my own originals with Helen White and friends around the city in my spare time. “Heart on my Sleeve,” three years in the making, was written entirely by me, with a specific creative vision coming from the heart and a genuine love for all things old and whimsical. Be prepared to be dazzled by goofy horn lines, beautiful piano melodies, goose bump-worthy bass solos, and the recurring appearance of a quirky 80’s instrument called the omnichord. I hope that a simple sincerity will be felt in my music as I take you on a journey to the different places in my life – the physical, metaphorical and emotional, the funny moments, and some dark, twisty ones, too. Most of all, I’d like to thank you for listening.